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Stormwater Library
Manuals, Reports
Massachusetts Stormwater Handbook
A guide to stormwater best management practices, from site planning to discussion of individual BMPs.
UNH stormwater Center 2012 biennial report This report describes the Center's activities and research results for 2010 and 2011, monitoring the effectiveness of stormwater treatment systems in addressing water quality and the volume of runoff.
TARP Tier 2
Word Document
Protocol for the Technology Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership
PCSWMM Final Report This report evaluates different methods used to convert the regulatory Water Quality Volume used for sizing a BMP to a flow rate.
Notice: MassDEP Standardizes Method to Size Proprietary Stormwater Treatment Devices
Announcement of method adoption; effective date is October 15, 2013

MassDEP Standard Method to Convert Required WQ Volume to a Discharge Rate
This document describes the method and provides instructions on its use.

Presentations (PowerPoint, PDF)
MassDEP Evaluating Nonrated Stormwater Treatment 2013
Evaluating Stormwater BMPs - MASTEP Presentation spring 2013
Stormwater Management:
. Water Quantity and Quality Issue
. Rules Today and Tomorrow
. Structural and Non-Structural Controls
. Metrics and Measures
Evaluating Stormwater Technology Performance - Module I:
Guidance for the Technology Acceptance Reciprocity Partnership (TARP) Stormwater Protocol: Stormwater Best Management Practice Demonstrations

New stormwater BMP products keep appearing in the marketplace. Yet the availability of good data and information on most of these technologies is still scarce. To address this problem, forward thinking states formed the Technology Acceptance and Reciprocity Partnership (TARP) Stormwater Work Group to evaluate innovative stormwater technologies by producing scientifically credible data. The Group developed two Internet-based training courses. This module covers how to:
. Use the Protocol to identify gaps and inconsistencies in a test plan for evaluation of a stormwater technology
. Understand differences in state requirements; to recognize data deficiencies
. Develop, implement, and review a test plan
. Understand, evaluate, and implement statistical methods.

Evaluating Stormwater Technology Performance - Module II:
Training in Support of the TARP Stormwater Protocol: Stormwater Best Management Practice Demonstrations

This module covers
. Collecting and Analyzing Stormwater BMP Data
. Statistical Analyses
. Sampling Design
. Data Adequacy: Case Study

Storm Water Best Management Practices - Evaluation, Testing and Technology Transfer:
Presentation to the New England Stormwater Technology Workshop - June 14 , 2005
Eric Winkler Ph.D., University of Massachusetts - Amherst
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