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Frequently Asked Questions about the MASTEP site

Why should I register?

Vendors must register so we can give them database entry privileges.
We would like others to register as well for two reasons:

  1. Keeping track of the clearinghouse's use is a grant reporting requirement in order to improve its utility. We do not share information about this site's users with anyone. The information we gain will be summarized, excluding any personal data, to provide the grantor with site usage statistics.
  2. We may contact you, if you wish, when new information is uploaded in the database.

How are BMPs rated?

MASTEP staff reviews reports provided by the BMP manufacturers and others, including verification studies. Field studies are compared with the TARP Tier 2 Protocol to determine if study design and quality assurance/quality control measures are sufficient to produce a valid data set. Laboratory studies are compared with the New Jersey DEP Total Suspended Solids Laboratory Testing Procedure.

Initially, all technologies are considered unrated with regards to existence of reliable performance data. Once information from verification studies is reviewed, a technology is rated as shown in table below. If a product claims to treat TSS, the TSS rating is shown. For all other products, the highest rating a product has received is shown.

Unrated. Data review not yet conducted by MASTEP
There is sufficient TARP-compliant or similar reliable field or laboratory data on this technology to be able to evaluate pollution removal efficiency claims.
Sound field or laboratory performance studies exist for this technology. Some caveats exist regarding use of the study information.
Performance studies with some scientific merit exist for this technology. Significant caveats exist regarding use of the study information.
There is insufficient reliable data available to evaluate the performance of this technology.

It is important to note that a technology's category only reflects the availability of reliable studies. A rating of "1" does not imply that the vendor's performance claims are validated, or that the system performs better than one rated “2”, “3” or “4.”  Rather, it affirms that the BMP has been tested in a scientifically credible manner, based on MASTEP review of the study results. Technologies that are rated “2” or “3” may still meet the stormwater control needs at any given site.

See a diagram of the screening process here.

How do vendors submit their product for inclusion in the database?

An online data entry tool is under development. When completed, it can be accessed from the Data Entry Tool button under "The Database" in the navigation bar. To submit information, one must be registered as a vendor.

What if one manufacturer's product is verified, but others (e.g., a different size) are not?

Our database gives ratings based exclusively on reported verification tests. In case of identical products that differ only in size, it can only be inferred that the untested product is about equal in efficiency, but this inference is questionable.

Do you have other questions?

You can either email us directly or send your questions through the feedback form.

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